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Crispino e la Comare [Video] (2015)

The execution of Crispino , by M. Mlle Kellogg is charming, delightful, from one end of the piece to the other. She has verve, she has grace, she has sparkling vocalization.

Rovere, who debuted in the role of Crispino, has conquered the votes of the public since the first evening. Excellent actor and good singer, he gives the stamp of perfoect comedy to this bungling upstart, without ever overdoing anything, without ever exceeding the charge of good taste.

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Rovere has the breadth and the comic fire of the best comic opera singers of the old school; we can compare him only to Zucchini, who in the same moment is singing Crispino in Paris. The framework is historical, but most of the characters and course of action are not; in fact the end of the opera, in the suicide of the heroine, suddenly leaves the terra firma of reality, and transports us into the mystical realms of the spirit. It is this mixture of modes that is central to the dramaturgy of L'Africaine, a confusion of history and fairytale, ancient certainties and challenging discoveries, in the creation of a new mythology.

There is also originality in formal developments, with the great tenor scene in act 4 providing a new malleability in handling the constraints of shape and genre: recitative, arioso and cabaletta have a fluent integration in trying to explore the text more pointedly.

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The Ship Scene, the exotic Indian act, and the Scene of the Manchineel Tree exerted a fascination on audiences, and elicited new praise. The work full of melodic beauty and rapturous lyricism, began a triumphal progress through the world, beginning with the big stages of London and Berlin.

Richard Arsenty, a native of the U. After teaching for seven years at the high school, college and university levels, he took advantage of a unique opportunity and went to work as a libretto translator for MRF Records in New Jersey.

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At the end of , after sixteen years of service to the college, he took an early retirement and returned to Illinois where his family is located. His publications include books and articles on the late-seventeenth-, eighteenth- and early nineteenth-century novel particularly the Gothic Novel and Sir Walter Scott , the Bible, and European culture, with emphasis on the Romantic opera and ballet.

He has specialized in the work of Giacomo Meyerbeer a four-volume English edition of his diaries, a collection of critical and biographical studies, a guide to research, and two readings of the operas, as well as compiling and introducing editions of the complete libretti and non-operatic texts.

He has also written on the ballets of Ludwig Minkus. Health Sciences.

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